Saint Germain Series via Guy Ballard , I Am (Green Books) 1- 20 Guy Ballard

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Saint Germain Series Vol 1-20

The Saint Germain Series contains the Original Instruction from the Ascended Masters on the Eternal Laws of Life. These books contain some of the most profound wisdom ever disseminated by the Ascended Masters via their Chelas the Ballards.


This Understanding of the Great Creative Word of Life—"I AM," is the Great God Power which created this planet. It is the Eternal Law of Life! It is the True Worship of God, because when you understand where God is, what the Power of God is, how you can use it, and what you are supposed to do with it, you will worship the Great Creator of the Universe with far deeper feeling and adoration, than if you do not know what or whom you are worshiping, or if you have only a hazy idea of what the great "God Presence" of the Universe is.

Lord Maitreya, The Voice of the "I AM," 76.10:14

Each Book and Discourse carries the definite Radiation and Consciousness of the Ascended Masters and points the Student to the attainment of the Ascension through their use of the Sacred Fire. This Mighty "I AM" Instruction is the True Education of Life. It is the Law of Life! It is the Gift of Love!


1.Unveiled Mysteries By Godfré Ray KingFirst experiences with Saint GermainThe 2.Magic Presence By Godfré Ray King Further experiences with Saint Germain
3.The “I AM” Discourses By Saint Germain & other Ascended Masters The “I AM” 
4.Ascended Master Instruction By Beloved Saint Germain
5.“I AM” Adorations & Af rations, “I AM” Decrees By Chanera 
6. Ascended Master Discourses By the Ascended Masters
7.Ascended Master Light By the Great Cosmic Beings
8.The “I AM” Discourses By the Great Divine Director
9.The “I AM” Discourses By Beloved Mighty Victory
10.The“IAM”Discourses By Beloved DavidLloyd
Further experiences with Saint Germain
Vol. 11 The “I AM” Discourses By Saint Germain to the Minute Men
Vol. 12 The “I AM” Discourses By the Ascended Master Youth Bob
Vol. 13 Beloved Saint Germain’s Talks By Beloved Saint Germain
Vol. 14 The “I AM” Discourses By the Seven Mighty Elohim
Vol. 15 The Ascended Masters Speak on Angels By Ascended Masters
Vol. 16 Beloved Archangel Michael Speaks on the Angelic Host By Beloved Archangel Michael

Vol. 17 The “I AM” Discourses By Beloved Master Jesus the Christ
Vol. 18 The “I AM” Discourses on America By the Ascended Masters
Vol. 19 The “I AM” Discourses on Supply By the Ascended Masters
Vol. 20 The “I AM” Discourses By the Gods of the Mountains

( mixture of Hardback and softback book in the set )

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