Stellar Nations & Soul Families by Dr.Beatrix Czeizel and Animo Gresko occult (2 volumes)

Stellar Nations & Soul Families by Dr.Beatrix Czeizel and Animo Gresko occult (2 volumes)

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“When the Divine Source of Creation exhaled and scattered sparkles of life at the entrance of the galaxy, these sparkles of life then fell into different vessels, they interlaced themselves into the destiny-paths of 13 stellar nations…”


By their birth, each Stellar Nation was commissioned with special mission codes by the  and was given special abilities and different life scenes to fulfill the dream of the God and the Goddess.


This book will tell you the history of all the 13 Stellar Nations in detail, and tell you about the stations where all these sometimes hard and also delightful stories happened.


This is the History of the Milky Way Galaxy.

 If you believe that you are more than what you seem to be. If you are looking for your stellar roots and you want to understand who you really are in your body, soul  spirit, and where all your thoughts, emotions and motivations come from, then this is definitely the book you need! You can find the real purpose of your life and the course of your destiny on this planet, and find perfect answers for most of your questions if you discover the fantastic stellar realms of the thirteen Stellar Nations that play their roles and fulfill their divine fate in the whole of Creation. This exceptionally powerful and unique teaching is a real treasure, especially because this is the very first time in human history on this Planet Earth that this  divine knowledge of the Galactic Akashic Records has been revealed. And what is more  you can feel the authors' more than 23 years of spiritual work, very serious research and deep understanding as a physician, clairvoyant spiritual healers and teachers and writers of other three best-selling books behind these beautiful words, and you can find real and humble hearts that are the true channels of this divine knowledge and the meanings of more than 230 stars.


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